Mastering services at Beanstudio Mastering include precise equalization, multi-band compression, limiting, and overall level matching of the material. Complete digital restoration, DeNoising, and DeClicking is available as our specialty. Our Emmy Award winning Avid video editor is here for industrial, commercial and film work.

Media types we can accept for audio, DVD mastering, digital editing, and format transfers are:

CD, DAT, LP, DVD, DVD-R, Mini-Disc, and 1/4 & 1/2 inch analog tape. Transfers from and to ADAT tape, HD24 hard disk, DAW PC & Mac, DA-88/38 in any order, to either format are available. As long as you own the copyright to the material, we can do it.

Multi-track digital editing and mix adjustment to assist the mastering process is available in most DAW software formats including all flavors of Pro Tools.

All popular internet encoding options are available including Windows Media, Real Audio, Quicktime and Mp3. Upload services of encoded files can be arranged to designated web-sites.

E-mail us for any special needs so we may assist you.










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