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I would like to take the time to answer some questions about the background of the company Beanstudio Mastering and myself. I have steadily been mastering tracking and mixing private and client projects for a period of twenty five years give or take a bit for leap years! I became interested in offering a reliable and affordable CD audio, DVD mastering, and online mastering service for the expanding personal studio and indi markets. There was work to do for many types of music and dialog that needed high levels of attention at a fair price.

I decided to take it upon myself to learn the craft. While working at EMI Music in New York, I had the area's best mastering studios in my reach. I became friends with mastering engineers in the mastering rooms at The Hit Factory and BMG Studios as well as hounding about at mid-level rooms in the area. Meeting engineers and studio heads at AES events, NAMM Shows and during Museum of Sound Recording functions has been a great way to gain education. There is only so much a person can learn without mentors. I have happily been able to give some experience back. I have been the guest speaker at the mastering workshop for the SAE Institute for Audio in New York City as well as teaching class at the The Film Makers Educational Cooperative, (FMEC) in Bridgeport, CT. This year it became my honor to be asked to teach Pro Tools and audio technology classes as an Adjunct Professor at a college here in New Jersey.

The desire to master has lead to memorable experiences. To be able to sit with a great conductor or producer and work on material that spans an entire career is a rewarding experience. I have worked with many people with boxes and reels of tape that could never have been heard until we finally crossed paths. There has been no greater compliment than word of mouth referrals and continued repeat customers. This always reminds me that I have made the right choice to begin this endeavor.

Thank You

-Jim DeSalvo








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